The Ugly Food Rescuers Club offers Rotterdam based foodmakers and foodpreneurs a chance to work with (organic) waste streams and to showcase their sustainable choices in a fun and positive way.

The goal? Fighting food waste by raising awareness through serving beautiful food. The Ugly Food Rescuers Club develops tools to help foodmakers and foodpreneurs to tell those stories – and to serve them with their food.

Linking waste streams and entrepreneurs

The Ugly Food Rescuers Club Next acts as a link between waste streams and entrepreneurs. We pick up waste streams and offer it to our Club Members.

Low pricing

The price is, on average, 5 euros per crate, depending on the specific waste stream. This is far below the regular price. The reason? Cooking with waste streams is not very mainstream yet. It requires a flexible mind and dito skills. Also: driving to BlueCity to pick up a single crate of veggies is not very efficient. We want to be respectful of the time of our members, and therefor offer a lower price to make up for investing the time.

Good Food Waste Stories

A Good Food Waste Story is a story about good (perfectly edible) food destined to be wasted, that has been rescued and transformed into something delicious.

A Good Food Waste Story adds an extra layer of positivity to beautiful food. It helps chefs communicate about the meals they serve and it helps those that eat to understand the impact to might have – even on a big and supercomplex system as the international food system.

Join the Ugly Food Waste Club

Are you a Rotterdam based chef or foodpreneur and do you want to serve your guests good stories with their food? Please contact us. We’d love to add you to our Ugly Food Rescuers Club!

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This is a private Facebook Group and a dynamic, ever growing community. Please do answer the 3 questions, so we can contact you once you’re a member!