The Ugly Food Rescuers Club can’t function without her highly esteemed partners. Read below who those partners are, and more importantly: how they help our Club Members tell and serve Good Food Stories.

Providing Good Food Waste Streams

The Ugly Food Rescuers Club is depending on good food waste streams. Partners that offer these are:

– Eosta

Eosta, the Dutch market leader in the distribution of organic exotic fruit and vegetables, is the first to offer The Ugly Food Rescuers Club their Good Food Waste Stream. Their label Nature & More provides the marketplace with greater transparency related to the quality of organic products. There can be no sustainability without transparency. Via Nature & More retailers and consumers can easily acces unique background information about the growers and their ecological and social commitment.

Club Captains

Running a club is a lot of work. The Ugly Food Rescuers Club is headed by Arabella van Aartrijk and Diana van Ewijk.

– Arabella van Aartrijk

Arabella is a natural born foodie. Serving food means serving happiness, in her view. Arabella is a firm believer in good food: the food she eats and serves must provide more than just calories. Organic, local, or made of waste – she wants the food to tell a good story, and thus sustain the consumer not only energetically, but also spiritually.
Arabella van Aartrijk also wants to enable other people to enjoy good food. That’s why she runs a Rechtstreex food shop in BlueCity, thereby helping neighbours order their food from Rotterdam based farmers and makers. Arabella serves the weekly Meatless Monday MeetUp Menu in BlueCity, together with Diana van Ewijk.

– Diana van Ewijk

Diana’s goal? Fight food waste and help people eat healthier in the process. As Soephoofd, she’s been blogging about healthy veggie based soups and meals for years. At the beginning of 2017, she and her business bestie Sarina Karouw launched SoepStarter – a dry veggie mix that helps regular people to transform the sad and forgotten veggies in their own fridge into a delicious soup. No fuss, and ready in 15 minutes, this SoepStarter so far has helped save 28.000 kilograms of veggies.

Club Members

The most important people in our Club? Our members! Without them, we wouldn’t be able to save the veggies at all. As our Club is an evergrowing, dynamic community, it’s almost impossible to keep an up to date list.

> do check our Club Members here

Club House

Last but not least: the Ugly Food Rescuers Club is working from BlueCity. BlueCity is an incubator for circular entrepreneurs in and around Rotterdam. The business hub, situated in a deserted swimming pool, provides start-ups and scale-ups with access to circular resources, knowledge and talent, to turn ideas into action and ultimately: to help sustainable entrepreneurs to grow from intention to impact.

Become a partner of the Ugly Food Rescuers Club

Do you want to help the Ugly Food Rescuers Club save veggies and fruits and tell Good Food Stories by serving waste streams? Do contact us!