Meatless Monday MeetUp at BlueCity

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Arabella van Aartrijk and Diana van Ewijk, captains of the Ugly Food Rescuers Club, host a weekly lunch at BlueCity: Meatless Monday MeetUp. A vegetarian menu, with lots of vegetables, to substitute the boring sandwich most Dutchies eat for lunch.

The goal of Meatless Monday MeetUp? To enable BlueCitizens to meet on the regular, and to connect their networks and share their knowledge. Those things are essential for the success of a circular entrepreneur. And sharing a meal is a great way to do this!

No meat please

Another goal of Meatless Monday MeetUp is to help BlueCitizens eat less meat. Not by telling how bad* meat eating is, but in showing how good eating meat free can be.

Circular Cooking…

Meatless-meet-up-bluecityThe ingredients used in cooking for Meatless Monday MeetUp are as sustainable as possible. Being a wijkchef for Rechtstreex, Arabella has easy access to locally grown veggies. And as captains of the Ugly Food Rescuers Club, Diana and Arabella have access to waste streams. On top of that, they often use left overs from event catering. A tomato spread can become an flavourful ingredient in a minestrone soup, for example!

… always a surprise

Meatless-meet-up-bluecityCooking with waste streams means: never know what you’re gonna cook with. And that’s exactly what Arabella likes so much about circular cooking: it forces her to experiment with food – and thereby exploring new tastes and structures.

Food is a feast

Meatless-meet-up-bluecityThe most important thing about the BlueCity Meatless Monday MeetUp? Serving happiness on a plate. For Arabella and Diana its one of the best moments of the week. A great way to start the week!




*) by bad we mean: bad for the environment. A staggering 51 percent or more of global greenhouse-gas emissions are caused by animal agriculture, according to a report published by the Worldwatch Institute.


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