Good Food Waste Streams

Roughly one third of food produced for human consumption is lost or wasted globally, the equivalent of 1.3 billion tonnes per year, according to the UN Food and Agriculture Organisation.

The Ugly Food Rescuers Club offers a hyper local solution to this worldwide problem, by offering waste streams to local foodmakers, who can then turn it into food and serve it to the community, accompanied with a good food waste story.

Ugly overflow…Ugly-food-rescuers-club

Fruit and vegetables considered imperfect are often left to wither on the vine. The same goes for overflow produce. All that unwanted produce faces the same fate: land fill. Or, slightly less bad: a digester that transform them into bio gas.

… turned into good stories

The Ugly Food Rescuers Club provides Rotterdam based foodpreneurs access to local food waste streams and helps them showcase their sustainable choices. The SuperSweetPotato Slices in the picture above, for example, baked by plant based bakery Sharp Sharp. This way, the Ugly Food Rescuers Club Members fight food waste by raising awareness through beautiful food and good food waste stories.

Good Food Waste Streams

The first waste streams the Ugly Food Rescuers Club worked with come from Eosta, the Dutch market leader in the distribution of organic exotic fruit and vegetables. They offered us access to 10.000 kilograms unwanted yams.

Now, in comparison to the 1.3 billion tonnes we waste globally per yearsaving ‘only’ 10.000 kilograms sounds neglectable. A drop in the ocean. But that’s exactly the aim of these rescuers: every drop is a drop. Every consumed yam is a consumed yam. If we were to eat the whole lot of those 10.000 kg unwanted veggies, we’d eat 30.400 yams. That’s not a mere drop – that’s a monsoon.

Serve a good food story?

Are you a Rotterdam based chef or foodpreneur and do you want to serve your guests good stories with their food? Please contact us. We’d love to add you to our Ugly Food Rescuers Club!
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