Good Food Waste Stories

Food waste is not a pretty story. But it’s a story that needs to be told, in order to change the system. The Ugly Food Rescuers Club helps foodpreneurs and foodmakers to tell this story in a manner that fits them best: by serving it alongside the beautiful food they make.

The result: more respect for the food – and for the chef that turned ‘waste’ into a tasty meal, cake or juice. That’s what we call a win/win situation 🙂

Good Food Waste Stories

What’s a Good Food Waste Story, you might wonder? Well, it’s a story about good (perfectly edible) food destined to be wasted, that has been rescued and transformed into something delicious.

A Good Food Waste Story adds an extra layer of positivity to beautiful food. It helps chefs communicate about the meals they serve and it helps those that eat to understand the impact to might have – even on a big and supercomplex system as the international food system.


The first rescue operation of the Ugly Food Rescuers Club was a pallet of organic sweet potatoes. 3040 sweet potatoes, to be precise. In Dutch those are called: bataten. Diana and Arabella, captains of the Ugly Food Rescuers Club, used the hashtag #1520biobataten (and after collecting the second half of the pallet: #3040biobataten) and added it to every post about the rescued yams. By clicking the hashtag, people get a good overview of not only the fact that so many yams are being wasted – but also of the pretty food that’s been made from those same yams.

read more about The 1st Rescue Operation here

Serve a good food story?

Are you a Rotterdam based chef or foodpreneur and do you want to serve your guests good stories with their food? Please contact us. We’d love to add you to our Ugly Food Rescuers Club!

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