2nd Rescue Operation: 60.000 tonnes white cabbage

The 2nd Ugly Food Rescue Operation.. is not so much about ugly food. It’s about redundant food. 60 tonnes of white cabbage, to be precise. Beautiful, big and organic white cabbages, sitting on the land, going to waste.

For this rescue operation we are partnering with Rotterdamse Oogst, Slow Food Youth Network Rotterdam and Ferme Kolen.

60.000 tonnes white cabbage?!

Due to a very good season there’s an enormous overflow of white cabbage in the Netherlands. Normally the complete harvest is being shredded and made into sauerkraut, but this year there’s way too much cabbages. The result? All sauerkraut factories are booked full, and these beautiful cabbages are being tossed. All 60 tonnes of them…

Kraut Fund/Fest: Local Food Rescue Operation

60 tonnes of white cabbage – that’s way too much for our Ugly Food Rescuers Club. And so we partnered with some fabulous (food) clubs:

  • Rotterdamse Oogst
  • Slow Food Youth Network Rotterdam
  • Ferme Kolen
  • Schiezicht (Meriam Beek)

Together we will build a Pop-Up Sauerkraut Factory for a day, at the Noordplein in Rotterdam.
> read more about Kraut Fund/Fest

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